Disappearing DTPro Menu Bar

This is the second time I’ve had some very odd behavior that ends up in my force-quiting DTPro. Here’s what’s happening:

I cmd-tab into another application, I do the same to switch back to DTPro but nothing happens. Click on the DTPro icon in the dock and nothing happens. When I ctrl-click the dock icon I get the pop-up menu and then I can go to an open window, but there’s no DTPro Menu Bar, just the menu bar of the application that was last on the “top”. I can select items and double-click to open separate window, but no Menu Bar. Select and Past works in windows.

Some relevant info:

  • I’m running DTPro version 1.5.2
  • The computer is a MacBook Pro 3,1
  • File Vault is installed
  • the computer hibernated when I shut the lid

I’m also one of the people who couldn’t hide DTPro on this Mac.

Help! :confused:

I’ve never been brave enough to activate FileVault. :slight_smile:

As to the Command-H (Hide) and missing menu bar problems, I’ve never encountered them. My guess is that there’s something installed on your computer that’s causing OS X errors. You might review the “Other” Preference Panes displayed in System Preferences, Input Manager plugins and third-party QuickTime media plugins that are installed on your computer.

Indeed, it could be an OS X issue, but since it’s only happening with DT Pro, my assumption is that it’s an interaction OS X / DT Pro.

Right now I should pursue both paths. Is there anyway to identify what’s going on, e.g., a log or debug mode?

Can’t find an “other” pane in system preferences and I’m at a loss to where input manager preferences are located.


Often this behaviour occurs when the application you switch to is busy, e.g. with swapping chunks of memory from or to disk. Simply switch to DEVONthink and wait a bit. Generally, this can also be a sign that you’re running out of physical memory.

Well, when it happens again I’ll take a look. 4 GB is installed on this MacBook Pro.