Disappearing Tags

I’m fairly new to DT and I use it as a database for my research (I’m a university professor). I use the tagging system to organize documents and I’ve got hundreds of tags and documents. I use DT on both my MacBook Air and on my Mac mini. Last night I was using DT on my MacBook and I noticed that most of the tags had disappeared from a bunch of documents. The tags didn’t appear in the inspector for those documents, and the tag list displayed those tags but no items were associated with (under) them. This morning I opened DT on my other machine (the Mac mini) and I was relieved to see that the tags in question were still on those documents, but after the sync completed they disappeared. I am seriously worried that I’ve lost a huge amount of data and work. I’m not sure what to do. Is there a way to reverse the sync that DT just performed (to restore the tags)? (And if so, how do I keep them from disappearing again?). I would greatly appreciate any help!

For myself, I can restore the database from my backups (Arq or TimeMachine)

Welcome @robertkgarcia

  • Are you indexing files into the database from an external location?
    • If so, from where?

Thanks for the reply!

I think* the answer is: No, I import the files into DT and then tag them.

*Since I’m rather new, I just want to make sure I understand your question. I take you to be asking whether I am (A) indexing files which are not imported into DT but exist in an external location (such as my devices hard drive or in the cloud) or (B) importing files into DT. I’m doing (B).

You’re welcome and yes you understand my question.
In DEVONthink on the problematic Mac, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.

I started a support ticket earlier today. But I didn’t create it from within the DT app but on the website. Should I start another one from inside DT on the problematic Mac?


Yes, please.