Display always on

Good day,

could you please add a display always on function in Devonthink to Go?

Could you clarify what you’re asking for?

Sorry, I made a translation mistake. I mean, of course, a function to force the iPhone-Display to keep alive if the app is opened.

No worries!
@eboehnisch would have a more authoritative answer to this, but I don’t know that Apple will allow apps to disallow screen locking on their mobile devices. That is potentially detrimental to the battery life of the device.

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What I do when i want to ensure DEVONthink ToGo will keep syncing while I set the iOS device aside is go to Settings-> Display and Brightness → Auto-lock and set to never. Can get out of that mode by setting Auto-lock back to something reasonable or by flip to Low Power mode. AFAIK there is no setting in iOS to make this display timeout a function of what app is running.

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DEVONthink To Go actually does already request this from iOS. However, as always on iOS, it’s just a request that maybe granted or not depending on, e.g., battery status etc.


Cool. Good to know. Learning for week! I’ll stop doing that. Belt and braces. :wink: