Display contents of group in widescreen window?


I’m trying to solve a workflow issue since upgrading to DT3. So far I’m liking everything in the update, but despite checking the documentation and searching here I can’t find an answer to my problem. Sorry in advance if I’m missing something obvious, but any advice would be appreciated.

The issue is:
I use widescreen view, with 3 columns “sidebar”, “item list” and “preview pane” from left to right.
In DT2, if I selected a group in “item list”, it would show the contents of the group in the “preview pane” on the right, as a scrollable set of icons in rows/columns.
In DT3, selecting a group in the “item list” does not result in showing the contents of the group in the preview pane, but rather just shows a message “no selection” in the preview pane.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here - how do I make a group’s contents show up in the preview pane, as I could in DT2?


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Have you tried the DisplayGroupsInPreviewPane hidden preference?

Fantastic! Thank you, that is very very helpful.

I’ve noticed though that this doesn’t exactly replicate the behaviour in DT2 - after running the preference in terminal, the view pane in DT3 does show individual icons for any discrete documents at the top level of the enclosing folder, but unlike DT2 it does not show any contained sub-groups within that folder. In DT2 any sub-groups are also shown in the preview pane as icons alongside the regular documents, with an item count (43) in parentheses beside the group name. I wonder if there’s a command for terminal that can result in the inclusion of groups in the preview pane, as well as documents?

It’s handy having the document icons back though, thanks.

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