Display documents in list view

I must be missing some very basic setting, please pardon my oversight. I’m trying to get a view where on the right side I’m able to view the full document name of all documents in the group. I always get a small preview and on top the document name

I would like a ordered list of all my documents like a folder list.

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You can’t get a List View in the right pane. It is either the Grid View (accessed by touching the number of items in a group) or it will display a selected file.

Any chance this has changed at all since this post, or is this something that can’t be implemented in IOS? Icon only views tend to make it hard to identify what a document is from anything but an image. Alternately, is there a way to adjust the pane sizes that I’m missing?

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No nothing has changed here and no there’s no user-defined settings for adjusting Grid view.
Also, implementing a file list in the view/edit pane - even if technically possible - would not be a trivial thing to implement.

We have some things under discussion somewhat related, but nothing to openly discuss and definitely nothing happening soon.

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Thanks! It’s a minor issue for me but thought I’d at least ask about it after search about it.

You’re welcome and there’s no harm in asking. :slight_smile:

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Just like to add my vote to a single-pane, full-width file browser. The titles of files are only about 30 chars wide, which isn’t enough for articles and academic journals. Especially around a topic or if one tends to put author names at front of filename.