Display email with white background even in dark mode

Dark mode is a welcome addition to DT3. But after months of use, I find DT3s rendering of email in dark mode inconvenient. Whether using “Best Alternative” or “Text Alternative,” I find a dark background simply doesn’t work for most emails. Whenever I view an email where the sender has used custom formatting (like font colors), it is horribly difficult to read with a dark background. There are other quirks as well that wouldn’t be a problem with a white background.

I’d like to request the ability to toggle the dark background on and off when displaying emails in the preview pane. It would work just like the option in Apple Mail:

So the user interface would remain in dark mode. Just the email preview pane would revert to a standard white background.

Does dark mode ever work? Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile: Anyway, a possibility to disable this is planned for future releases.

I’d like to take this one further, and request a toggle button for Dark/Light mode for the viewer in general. There are some documents that I’ve added that have similar issues with dark mode as emails, and it would be great to view them in light mode without having to turn it off system wide.

Yes, I’m having the exact same problem - some of my emails are unreadable. However, if I download the email in Devonthink to Go, it’s perfectly readable and renders correctly. It’s only the Mac that has the issue.

Do you use the alternate view (see Preferences > Email) or the default view?

Thanks - This seems to have fixed it:

That is under the control of the sites but you can try disabling Preferences > General > Appearance > Use dark backgrounds for documents

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