Display Hierarchy in Recent Destinations

Currently, Recent Destinations displays a list of recent folders, but you can’t navigate down the hierarchy from a Recent Destinations folder. The only option is to insert the document or link into the top level folder.

For each Recent Destinations folder, I’d like it to display a right arrow that would allow you to use the folder as a starting point and navigate down the hierarchy. For instance, when using the “Link To” function, I often want to link to a document contained within a Recent Destinations folder. However, since you can’t navigate from these folders, I’m forced to start at the top level of the database and navigate through an elaborate folder hierarchy to finally find the document I want to link to.

The same is true when using the Clip to DEVONthink button in a web browser. I often want to clip to a folder that’s a sub-folder of a Recent Destinations folder, but this is currently not possible.

I don’t think I’d use this, personally, since don’t usually send things to the descendants of destinations I just used. OTOH, if there were a search box at the top of the “destinations” tool in Groups and Tags, destinations in the Clipper, the Link To tool, etc., it would be helpful – and maybe helpful to a broader population. I could see DEVONthink suggesting folder destinations with a search-as-you type method: suggested matches begin appearing after you type a couple of characters. When suggestions are display, all the other folders disappear from the view.

I also think all of these displays need to be conformed to be the same tool with the same appearance and the same features. If we drag a document to the DEVONthink Dock icon, that version of the tool lets us create a group. Groups and Tags doesn’t. That, and other disconformities.

Actually, I think I remember Bill advising against putting documents into folders which contain sub-folders. At least, I have followed Bill’s advise, so in my main database there are no final destinations (= folders) where you could navigate further down. My folders are always at the end of the tree.


I’m also interested in hearing the rationale for this. I have many subfolders where there are items/documents stored in the parent folder.

See Bill’s sticky article in the DEVONthink: Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting forum, Tips on Classify & See Also. Bill has advised this for years and I follow this practice religiously. I can’t say how effective it is, but it’s a habit for me now so I don’t even think about mixing sub-groups and documents in the same group.

That’s an interesting concept for cases where it applies. My work doesn’t lend itself to Classify, and only occasional use of See Also. My case is usually a master document in a folder with subfolders containing elements that were used to create the master. A “sub-folders-only” methods would be very confusing.

I’m just the opposite. I use See Also and Classify so much that I have Command-O mapped to a Keyboard Maestro macro that opens the document then displays the See Also/Classify drawer.