Display Names and Strip Extension prefs fail

Setting the prefs for "Display Names" and "Strip Extension" (under Import/Titles) seems to do nothing when importing a folder with an HTML hierarchy in it.

I’m trying to import a Tinderbox generated website whose note/page names are WikiWords, so i can WikiLink to them on the fly in new DT pages. Unfortunately the names DT applies to the pages/notes are the URLs, with extensions, not the Titles.

Am i misapplying/misunderstanding these preferences, or are they just broken ???

"Strip Extensions" just removes the file extension, "Display Names" uses the name OS X uses to display a file or folder (depending on your system and settings, this name might be localized and include a suffix or not) but does not use the HTML title.

Thanks, Christian. I guess i had misunderstood the feature.

Your answer begs the next question. Do you think it would be possible to automatically set the name of an imported page  to the HTML name or would that cause too many problems?

I’m thinking that by allowing this as an option, you’d be making the WikiLinks MUCH more useful. Nobody is going to bother making WikiLinks for long HTML filenames in a sucked or imported website.

That shouldn’t cause troubles or delays as the frameworks include a very fast HTML parser and therefore this option will be probably added to a future release (or maybe the “Display Name” behaviour for HTML contents will be modified).