Display of group contents in Preview pane of split view


I have played around for a while but don’t see any way to make the display of group contents in the preview pane of split view anything but icons. I’m not an icon person, more of a list person.

I would like to use Split view, so I can see documents at the top level in the nav pane, but then see the list of group contents in the preview pane like in 3-pane view.

Does that make sense? If so, is there any way to accomplish this?

Many thanks!

The separate document list panel in View as Three Panes does not exist in View as Split because the group list and document panel are combined in the View as Split hierarchy. View as Split always provides that hierarchical view of groups and their contents. When groups have documents, they are listed by name in that hierarchy. If you don’t like the icon display when a group with contents is selected in the hierarchy, then try the setting View > Show Details.