Display Search Occurrences for Multiple Hits

If I do a search which yields multiple documents, I can highlight one document at a time in order to view the list of occurrences in the Search Inspector.

It would be very helpful if the list of occurrences would reflect the entire list of found documents but it does not; I need to individually highlight one document at a time and then view the occurrences list.

Am I missing something in terms of how to do this? If not, could this be considered as a feature request?

That’s not possible currently but might be in the future. Please note that even finding the occurrences in one PDF document can require a lot of time.

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Thanks - perhaps it could be an option since the time is a function of PDF size and/or computer hardware. It’s virtually instant for me even with huge PDF files.

You could try Script: Search results with context.

It creates a Markdown record with the selected search results’s hits.
Clicking a search hit opens the record and highlights the exact search hit.

Here’s an example:

Clicking inside the marked area yields:

It’s nothing I use often as it takes too long for general use. But it’s quite useful.


Thank you - That looks very interesting - I will set that up and give it a try in the next few days


OK I got that working - it is extremely helpful - huge thanks.

Interesting observation - The search is quite notably faster on my new M1Max laptop than on my Mac Pro with immense amounts of RAM.

Perhaps some scripts or features not feasible previously on DT3 will be realistic now with the new Apple silicon.

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