Display the Table inside a formatted note.

Having a formatted note with a table in it does does not display the table properly in DEVONthink to go. Opening the same note in Files as an displays the table properly.

(formatted notes are HTML files)

This makes parts of my notes on my phone unreadable or just confusing while using DEVONthink.

That’s correct. On the Mac we have the full power of WebKit to display and edit formatted notes; on iOS there’s no such think. We just have a third-party editor that doesn’t handle tables currently. But text editing enhancements are high on our list.

Why don’t we use WKWebView to display the content? That would give you the full power of WebKit.

It is even possible to edit rich text in WebKit as well. This should work great with markdown as well as all you need is a basic text editor, markup the file and display with the built in WebKit.
medium.com/@fab.felici/rich-tex … 0d88d73bbf

This is what the Word press rich text editor is baised on.

MIT licence

When we started DEVONthink To Go 2, WKWebView wasn’t available in its full beauty :slight_smile: And thank you for the link! This is one of the alternatives we’re looking into for replacing our current rich text editor.

Take that and do it in an apple notes fashion for formatting with the popups and I will be in love.