Dive into Bill DeVille's treasures

Dear all,

When our long-time support hero Bill DeVille logged out for the very last time he left a tremendous treasure: unconventional wisdom and great advice around DEVONthink and DEVONagent dating back to the earliest days of our company.


We have never deleted anything from this community so everything Bill wrote and said is still, and will remain, here for you.

To find his posts search for @Bill_DeVille or click here as a starting point. Refine your search to fit your needs.



He was a legend of this community. He helped so many people, and always did it in a positive way. I still miss his contributions.


Bill was also a brilliant, funny, and gentle person. He will be missed by many, personally and professionally, for a long time.

The link doesn’t work, it looks like this https://t/good-bye-bill/22000/16

He was indeed a very nice and very wise guy. Never spoke to him directly. But I followed for years his many profound advices in the forum. I also admired his passion for hackintoshs. And from distant europe I had the impression, that he was a happy nerd in his new domicil.

You mean when you just click the link? It should open as:


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This link: " [logged out for the very last time](https://t/good-bye-bill/22000/16)"

@jem, you’re correct. Thank you! Fixed.

Wow, I didn’t know that Bill passed away. He WAS a fixture at Devon and a great help over the years. Well done Bill, we’ll miss you. Happy trails brother. Keep them organized up there will ya?

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Welcome @andyspicer
Bill is indeed missed by all of us that knew him, professionally and personally.

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Oh no. I’ve been out of the DT landscape for the last few years, and didn’t know about this. It’s a shame. That man was one hell of a support person. RIP brother.

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Welcome @kledbetter57 and thanks. There is no statute of limitations on condolences and compassion.