Do DEVONthink Updates require reinstalling ABBYY FineReader?


I just updated my copy of DEVONthink Pro Office to 2.0.5. During the install I was asked to select the items I wished to install - ABBYY FineReader was one of the items but it was not ticked. Whenever I install such updates, is it necessary to tick the ABBYY FineReader box?

Or is the updater facility built into DEVONthink Pro Office sufficiently “intelligent” to know not to pre-tick ABBYY FineReader if it does not require updating? (and to tick the box if it is, in fact, being updated)

Even as I write this question, I have the customary creeping feeling I get when I’m asking about something so obvious to everyone else that I look like an idiot. But it happens so often I’m no longer able to tell whether or not I’m stupidly over-thinking it. Ha!

Thanks very much!

Nope, the ABBYY reader has not been updated. My understanding is that if it is updated, the installer will check mark that option.

True, according to annard’s blog comment:

When the checkbox for the FineReader OCR Resources isn’t checked upon statrup of a new version, there is no reason to download it again.

… and a similar post in the beta subforum, which is the first link in my opinion about that: