Do I have to use Helvetica?

I have old eyeballs, sans serif fonts are not the best! But when I do a new note on my iPad Mini in DTTG2, I get Helvetica. Still no way to change this?

Otherwise, I am impressed with DTTG2. The sync thing is kinda strange, but is that more due to Apple than to you folks? I find Apple Support very Unhelpful when it comes to anything about Bonjour.

And one more thing: in the PDF edit mode, is there an explanation somewhere of what all of the edit bar commands do or won’t do??

Overall, high marks for DTTG2.
Charles, who wishes he could be an Old Falcon.

No, but I suppose there should be.

PS: I assume you mean an old Ford Falcon :mrgreen:

Nope, old Prairie Falcon, having lived almost all of my life on the Great Plains of the USA. Where the wind blows free, trees need to be planted, and the sky goes on forever!

I too would like to change the fonts used in DTTG. I requested this feature several months ago.

Something which I just thought of, but haven’t tried, is to make a “template” file on OS X - an RTF that is formatted however you want. Then you could duplicate it when creating a new document on iOS.

Not sure if that’ll work but could be worth a try.

Just to follow up: I tried it, and it works, with one caveat. Duplicating the template document retains the “created at” timestamp, so it doesn’t really represent when the new document is created.

So options are to either change the font after syncing, or change the “date created” (I copied the “copy date modified to date created” script and changed it to use “addition date”).

With any luck, they’ll let us choose a default font for DTTG at some point.

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I would also like to see an option for this … I barely see the characters when I’m on the move (and not wearing my reading glasses).

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