Do upgrades fall into the DT2 grace period?

I see that the second part of the Jul 1-2 deal (25% discount) is good for upgrades too, so thanks for that! My question is, if I upgrade my DT Pro to a Pro Office license now, will that then slide me under the grace period for the free upgrade when DT 2.0 comes out?

I’m not sure exactly what gift horses’ mouths I’m gazing into here since the discount is nice by itself, but it’s probably worth asking!

That’s a really good question, and one I’d like to see answered. I’ve pondered buying DTPO before but put it off… I’d have to get it if this were the case.

No, the free upgrade to version 2 is only for new purchases.

Drat. :confused:

We have talked about this a bit more and finally come to the decision that also upgrades from e.g. Pro to Pro Office within the grace period count are eligible for a free upgrade to version 2.0 :slight_smile: So, feel free to upgrade!

That’s fantastic! requests an upgrade coupon

Best deal ever!

Ooh, great! :smiley: Thanks for the generosity!

Upgrade coupon requested!

And whats about me (us). We have Pro Office?

I hope that the upgrade prices are reasonable, as I just bought Pro office a month and a half ago. :cry: It was a big purchase for me. I thought that at 1.5 we had some time to go…

As I haven’t been using the product for more than a couple of months, was there any upgrades pricing in the past for a 1.5 release from 1.0 or from a .5-9 to 1.0, that shows the upgrading structure? I will be going from pro office 1.? to 2.0.

I guess that it truly won’t matter as I love Pro office, use it for my website data,comments, and emails, and now I have just bought a new HP scanner, and am ridding my house of all the paper! The upgrade will be a must. Quicklook integration will be big for me…

Just thinking about my pocketbook, that’s all… :smiley:

My understanding is that DEVONtechnologies has never charged for any version upgrade, so there’s no real basis for comparison.

A few of us definitely lucked out, but keep in mind it’ll never happen again. I’m going to be paying the full upgrade price for DTP 3, 4, 5, 6, et cetera :slight_smile:

The update from DEVONagent 1.x to 2.x is priced at $20.