Do you have to take out a new subscription for second iOS device

I primarily use DTTG on my iPhone. However I have just got an iPad and have installed it however it wont register and wants me to buy a new subscription. I am logged in under the same iCloud account.

Do we have to buy a second subscription if we want to use the pad as well as the iPhone ?

I have installed DTTG on my iPhone and iPad as well with one license valid for both devices.


Did you buy the app through the App Store? If so, it should just be available to download on your account if you’re logged in to the same iCloud account. You will need to set up sync again as you will have no sync set up on your new device.

Isn’t that the only option with i*OS software (yet)?

Did you try Restore Purchases? Sometimes the App Store doesn’t recognize there already is a subscription/purchase.

And the answer to your question is a definite No, you don’t have to purchase again.