Do you use an iPhone or smartphone?

I have and use my iPhone as pretty much as my main computer these days. So having DevonThink on my iPhone is really critical for me. I believe you will also have more and more people using the desktop client if you release a iPhone/iPod touch version. I personally did not use OmniFocus until the iPhone version shipped out and I used it for a day then bought the license for it! So I think a similar effect would happen in this case!!

I really do hope a mobile devonthink is in the works because it truly is critical for me and I believe many others - and also you will definitely get NEW USERS!

Yes, I have the new 3G iPhone, 16GB. Had the old one and upgraded. I find myself leaving the laptop at the office and managing my communications, todos, web browsing, etc., from my phone now. Much less to carry. Have downloaded 43 apps and using many of them regularly, including Evernote and ReQall quite a lot. We don’t just need, we MUST HAVE a mobile version of DEVONthink!