Do you use an iPhone or smartphone?

With all the buzz about the old and new iPhone as well as other smartphones and the the still-existing Palm devices, I wonder how many of you are actually using them for more than just a super-calender, address book, and mobile web browser? Do you take notes, make outlines, even store files on them like on a USB stick?

Does iPod touch count as an iPhone, a smartphone or “other device” (I have clicked on iPhone, since I plan to upgrade)

I currently use it mostly as a filofax/calendar-replacement, couch-surfing, emails, and for notetaking via address book. Most useful in the library, when I have the call numbers and locations of books on the device. Can’t get that DT server to work, due to the router. After jailbreaking, I installed the eBook application, although there are not many interesting reads there at present. As indicated in my other post, I would love to see a standalone database client in the future, but I am aware that resources are finite, so I am curious about the response to your poll.

Have been a smartphone and pda user since the days of the DOS based HP LX Palmtop. Need it mainly for quick access to (and input of) Information I need as a physician / homepath. In all these years the Windows world has failed to deliver an Information management system that can be used on both a computer and a pda, so my hopes are high that this will happen with the Mac and the iPhone.

I am still not sure if I will go for the iPhone or for the rumoured upcoming 7- or so inch tablet as a mobile device, but if I will have to stick with the iPhone, I would also be very interested in a standalone DT application that would allow me to search, view and work on my DT database. Maybe, in a few years time, it will be possible to run the full DEVONthink application on a device of that size, but meanwhile DEVONthink on the iPhone would be very very nice! Thank’s for your interest in this platform!

I was similarly wondering how to respond since my Palm TX supports WiFi but isn’t a smart phone. I selected Yes, a Palm OS device since that’s what it is, though neither an iPhone or smartphone as the poll question asks. And, if anything, I’m still thinking more of buying an iPod Touch than an iPhone since I can’t justify the phone contract expense (even if I could budget it).

Next time you might want to find a poll proofreader, Eric, to help avoid ambiguities. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what people are thinking “DEVONthink on an iPhone” would be like; reminds me of other vaguely-defined “I want complex desktop app X on my iPhone!” interests. Seems to me it would be more on the scale of DEVONnote. And, whatever it is, the UI doesn’t immediately come to mind. Guess I’m imagining it would be different enough than something that would qualify to be called DEVONthink.

Isn’t that enough? :slight_smile:

I have an iPhone, and I have used it to take short notes and also as an e-book reader (by using’s iPhone web app). With the new SDK and 3rd-party applications, I expect I will be using it much more in these ways.

A resounding yes! Bought mine last year and have used it much more than I did my Treo 650. I’d say the ease of use is a big factor, and while I’ve used it for all those things you listed and more, I would indeed love a way to access my data in Devonthink PO.

I’ve been working out a way to use the new MobileMe features, including the expanded capacity (20GB), for my research. (I already subscribe to .mac.) That is going to be sweet.

Note that I won’t be upgrading my physical iPhone to the 3G model because there’s no 3G service where I live, but I will be upgrading the software the moment it becomes available. I’m looking forward to some of the apps that have already been announced.

How about adding another option to the poll?

Apple’s chosen carrier doesn’t have coverage in my area or the iPhone not available in my country?

AT&T coverage where I live in the US is very spotty. And I don’t think the iPhone is globally available (yet).

Yes, I use a smart phone - Nokia E65 with S60 & Symbian.

I am a little bit surprised that there was no option for S60 - or at least Symbian (with S60 and UIQ as user interfaces). Still, Symbian is the #1 smart phone OS in the world (65% market share in 2007).

I would love to use my iPhone for notes but I don’t’ like Apple’s current implementation. My notes disappear from the phone and I still can’t find them sync’d to my computer (perhaps it’s too obvious?).

I currently have an 8GB model, which is nearly full of audio. I may upgrade to the 16GB unit. If I do, I will very likely store files on it. The screen is just large enough to be usable as a mobile reader (I also have Kindle, which wipes the floor with the iPhone as far as eBooks go).

Anyhow, my answer is yes and no.

Helpful, eh?


Same problem here. Apple does not like you to do actual work, it seems. Have you tried one of the workarounds?

I use a 16 GB iPhone for its push mail, contacts and calendar (2.0 beta), the ipod functionality, web browsing. I don’t think it is a great device to be do lots of typing on. For taking notes I added Jott to my phone number favorites and just have that service transcribed my notes and email them to my Evernote account.

iPhone. I actually do the odd bit of writing on it when travelling and find the input method ‘bearable’. Hopefully soonn I will be able to record from it as well to save e having to cart my iPod around as well in order to do audio recordings.

It is definitely not ideal but I write in the e-mail programme and send the results to my second e-mail address.

There’s an “other” option missing form the choices… I selected iphone because I’m getting the 3g, but I’m currently using a Nokia smartphone (S60 platform)

As a student, I use my iPhone in a number of ways, but the most important ways are are having my notes (typed) and lectures (recorded) readily accessible. Having to port my DEVONthink DB and utilize the internet is not my favorite way of getting my info to the iPhone.

I would rather have a syncing capability where I can choose what portion of the DB I would like to sync (ie. like syncing just the folders that have to do with my current classes, and not my old classes). I am just an infomaniac and like information at the tips of my fingers, without the need for an internet connection.

Plus, having an ability to jot down notes, to-do’s, images and recordings all in a centralized place that would sync with my main computer’s DEVONthink DB would be amazing.

Just some thoughts.

I have an 8G iPhone. Overall I like it a lot and I use it all the time (though not as much as I anticipate using it after July 11). I find the UI outstanding overall. I do agree though the typing is not good for huge amounts of text.

I’m very much looking forward to the third party apps…OmniFocus, some sort of voice notes, other note system that syncs, eventually Outliner, I hope. I would also like to be able to store files (those are just for starters). If the iphone had not gone third party, I would have found it a disappointment as a wonderful interface that has huge potential as a mini OSX computer, yet languishing with Apple’s best guess at what people need for software in their unique uses of the phone for what they do.

I would love to see DT be a piece of that mini OSX computer. If there were a way to have access to a portion of a DT database as Cerebral mentioned, I would be very interested in that as well.

As with Cerebral, I would love to be able to use a portion of my DTP DB on my mobile device (currently a Palm Treo 680). I normally use mine to read news (through AvantGo), read short texts (rtf or txt formats), calendar functions, and updating my EndNote libraries while I’m in the library amongst the stacks. I also tend to write a lot of quick memos. It sure would be great if I could sync that with a DTP database!

I just bought an iPod Touch (yet to arrive…will use it until the iPhone data plan cost becomes more reasonable to me). I do plan to use it to take notes, access my devon database, etc. Since the iPod Touch and iPhone now use the same software, I would vote yes on the iPhone: I am using it as more than a simple PDA.

I have high hopes that the iPhone/iPod Touch application store will have some neat offerings – better notes, voice/call recording, etc. Especially if these were offered by DEVONtechnologies :smiley:

Have a look at the Evernote app (described here). It has been featured by - clearly, the earliest apps for the iPhone received a lot of attention. Better luck next time: Lets hope, the wait will be worth it…