Do you want to allow this page to open “DEVONthink"

I think this maybe a Sierra thing…but it is annoying me and I would like to ask the forum for any solutions

The Clip to Devonthink Safari extension is good…I use it a lot…

Lately I get a dialogue every time I click it…“Do you want to allow this page to open “DEVONthink Pro Office”?”. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 11.31.34.png

See clip to devonthink extension

I guess we will have to learn to live with it? :confused:

Or use Chrome or Firefox instead.

Yeah sure. And what’s the next step? … Switch to Windows? :open_mouth:

While I’m not a fan of Firefox personally, Chrome is a viable replacement for Safari.

Apple users are willing to pay for privacy and are probably more reluctant to change Apple products for Google products.

I would make a comfortable guess we have far, far more users running Chrome than you imagine. Firefox, less so, but Safari isn’t the standout winner. Hasn’t been for some time.

Okay. Fair enough!

Anyway, a solution for Safari would be nice for my personal situation. Someday Maybe. :wink:

Wrong place to ask. Go ask Apple.

Or, instead of the DEVONthink Clipper icon, in Safari press the Share icon and select “Add to DEVONthink” – this opens the Clipper without the message. Click here or click there – still just one click.

Yeah, sure, wasn’t asking, just hoping… (a little-bit too passive maybe :slight_smile: )

Great tip! Actually 2 clicks: 1 more click in this case, but faster and a lot less annoying!
Thank you very much!

FYI, if you want to use a keyboard shortcut for this, go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts -> Click the Plus button at the bottom -> Make sure All Applications is selected in the Dropdown menu then add ‘File->Share->Add to DEVONthink’ (without the quotes) in the menu title box. Then select a keyboard shortcut and it will automatically bring up the dialog box in most applications (including Safari).

And then use BetterTouchTool to give the shortcut a trackpad gesture or Touch Bar button and you don’t need any clicks or leave the keyboard.

Great tip JCSully217 ! You made my day :smiley: .


I guess this is an old thread, so I’m not sure how useful this comment will be. But it does seem worth mentioning.

I’m using using macOS 10.14.5.

When I’m running Safari 12.1.1, and I try to access Clip to Devonthink 1.0 (for DevonThink 3.0) by clicking the icon in Safari, I am asked if I want to allow this page to open DevonThink 3.0.

Of course, I don’t like this. It adds an extra click every time I want to do this.

But I still have installed the Clip to Devonthink 1.2.6 for the previous version of DevonThink. When I use this, I do not get the annoying pop up message, and everything works fine. I can actually use the old Clip to DevonThink to clip to DevonThink 3.0.

This is a bit odd, I think. But there does seem to be something that Clip to Devonthink 1.2.6 does better than the new version.

You should not have both extensions installed.
Also, the 1.2.6 is the one that will initiate the prompt from Safari.
The 1.0 extension is a native Safari extension that doesn’t require extra intervention.