Doc and Docx files show as unknown format during indexing?

While indexing files I noticed my log showed several Doc and Docx files as unknown formats. Any ideas why? Does this impact whether Devonthinking syncs the files to iOS?

I have DT3 Pro

  • Is Word installed on the machine?

  • No, this has no impact on syncing.

Word is installed. Any other possible reasons for the issue?

I see no issue here.
What operating system?

Okay, so I should just not worry about that message.

It’s definitely not fatal, but it’s curious.
Does it persist after rebooting the machine?

Are you able to open these files with TextEdit and/or to preview them in the FInder?

I’ve been seeing the same kind of thing, and thought it was a peculiarity with Word affecting everyone. :sweat_smile:

I experimented a bit and discovered that a docx file I create and bring into DT3 (Pro) has no issues. But password-protected doc files sent by clients (originating on Windows) have the ‘unknown format’ log message when I add them. This happens via the script for importing mail attachments, and also if I save the attachment to the Downloads folder and then move it to the Inbox. The files can be previewed, and TextEdit can open them (although because they’re password-protected the text is garbled).

If I save one of these attachments to the Download folder, edit the Word file to remove the password, and then move it to the Inbox, it imports without the ‘unknown format’ message.

Very odd. I don’t recall exactly when this started happening, but I’m pretty sure it’s been a few months. Because these are client files I can’t send an example, but I’ll keep monitoring it and experimenting to see if something is consistent about it. I think this is also happening with docx files, but I’ll need to wait for one of those to arrive to confirm it.

And if there’s anything I could try that would be helpful, do let me know!

DEVONthink can’t index the contents of password-protected Word documents and of Word documents not supported by macOS. In both cases the above error message is logged.

Makes perfect sense! Not odd at all then! :grin:
I’ll keep an eye out to see if any other kinds of doc/docx files are producing this message.

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