.doc and .docx not editable from withing OfficePro?

I can’t seem to edit my recently imported .doc and docx files - is that normally? Do I need to convert them in order to edit in DTPro?

RTF seems just fine.

I didn’t see the question answered in the FAQ nor forum.

Thanks - Ryan

.doc and .docx files are not editable inside DTPO. (This is the case with all MS Office formats, and with most types of files on the Mac.) To edit these, use Data > Open With, or right-click and choose Open With from the context menu. Open With works in DTPO like it does in the Finder.

You may also customize your toolbar and add the Open Externally item to the toolbar. The text that describes Open Externally on the toolbar changes with each type of file you select in DTPO (e.g., Open with Microsoft Word, Open with Preview, etc.).

Thanks Korm. Now that I am using DTPO and learning scrivener, word is becoming less and less important.

I suppose if I want to eliminate my .doc and .docx I need to save them as .rtf for ease editing in DTPO

Thanks - Ryan

I want mention that I was mistaken in my last post - I CAN edit .doc with DTPO but not .docx

  • Ryan