Dock Icon Menu


In the Dt Dock icon menu there is a list of useful items including databases represented as folders and an “all window” function that shows the folders at the bottom of all current DT windows open. Oddly, only half of my open databases are shown as folders. Why is this and how can I make all folders using their current name available to see?

If you are referring to the databases-as-folders that are shown at the bottom of the screen when you"Show all windows", (alternatively, three-finger-swipe down on your trackpad, or income “App Exposé” by some other means), then what you are seeing is actually a macOS-level feature and not a DEVONthink feature. This feature shows the n-most recent documents. I you have DEVONthink open, click on File>Open Recent and you should see that that menu mirrors what you see in the dock menu and in App Exposé.

How recently have you actually closed-and-reopened some of those other databases? try closing and reopening one of those databases and seeing if it shows up in the Dock menu or the App Exposé display.

Thanks very much for that. It was helpful to see the relationship to the “recent items” option in the file menu. That explains why the limit is ( or appears to be ) 10 databases in the expose function and therefore does not show all 15 of my databases. I note however when opening a less used database a few times it takes some time to show as a recent item which may mean there is some AI selecting recent databases based on the amount of use.