Docked or floating DT windows

I’m sure this is very much a personal preference and I’m not sure that it isn’t possible hence checking in here to see if there’s anything I’m missing.

I would like to have the option to have floating windows such as activity, download and log permanently docked to the main interface. This seems to happen with some windows, they appear at the bottom of the sidebar which I prefer.

Why do I prefer this? Two reasons, the small windows get lost in the clutter of windows from other apps and I use macOS Spaces so if one of the small DT windows happens to have been left on another desktop it causes some baffling jumping around when changing Spaces desktops.

Not any sort of serious issue since I know what causes it and how to remedy it.

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The request is noted.

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The Activity pane is already automatically shown at the bottom of the sidebar whereas the Log popover can be accessed via the toolbar, therefore both stand-alone panels are rarely necessary.

Thanks for the reply Christian. My point is only that I get Spaces issues (jumps to another Space) from the floating windows if there happens to be a stray DT window left in another Space. I only recently noticed why it was happening and it is less inconvenient now I know the cause. Typically these are the activity or log windows.

Did you open them on your own, is there a Log item in your toolbar?

I do have a log item in my toolbar but it is greyed out (I’ve never tried to use it before so I don’t notice). I can launch log, activity or download from the windows menu. In normal use I don’t open any of these floating windows but when diagnosing a syncing issue or some other problem I might open them manually and sometimes DT opens them itself. The case where I first noticed it happening was during an ABBY fine reader update but I can demonstrate the problem by opening one of the floating windows myself, then moving it to another space and trying to change spaces. Then if I change space it jumps back to space where I dropped the floating window (which also disappears incidentally). Close and restart of DT clears the issue.

This is on Ventura 13.0.1 and DT 3.8.7.

Same issue for me: Because I use Spaces too(*), it can be pretty surprising on which space these little info windows appear…

(*) I am thinking of moving away from Spaces (Spaces can be quite slow) and just hiding currently unused apps, but that’s another (non-DEVONthink) topic…

The Log item in the toolbar is disabled as long as there are no (new) messages. In addition, there’s an option in the stand-alone panel to automatically show it, maybe you’d want to disable this.

Thanks, I’ve disabled the auto show for this panel.