Document count within a Smart Group

I have created several Smart Groups within my database some of which have triangles appearing on the left and others without. When I click on the triangle I get a count of the documents in the Smart Group, which is very helpful. I would like to get the document count for all my Smart Groups. I cannot figure out what I am doing differently in setting up Smart Groups that some of them have the triangle/document count and others do not.


It appears that some smartgroups update the document count in the badge (the number in parentheses) more often than others. For example, I have a smart group that looks for particular URLs and the badge count comes and goes, even though the number of documents that meet the criteria rarely changes for that particular database.

The triangle doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have anything to do with the number. Usually, if there is a triangle but clicking it doesn’t reveal any subgroups then adding the predicate “kind is any document” will make the triangle disappear.