Document display problems with DTTG

I was hoping this would get resolved with DTTG 3, but the display is still a problem
I’m happy with the layout for my daily Journal/Template document (sample below)
It displays correctly on my Mac but not so good on my iPad
This is a formatted note; rtf is a little better but still has problems
Do I have to dumb down the layout for DTTG



We have not yet worked on the RTF editor but it’s high on our list for the future.

The HTML editor (my problem) also needs work

Formatted notes are also rich text, so they use the same framework.

Thanks - I didn’t realize the editor distinction

I would have liked to use the DT editor, but it’s not a constraint
I switched to the Apple Pages editor
The document is displayed perfectly in both DTP and DTTG and switching editors is easy

No problem!

Can you explain how you switch the editor to Apple Pages in DTTG? Thanks!

A note file can be any format - .pdf, .eml or .pages
I used Apple Pages to create the note, and imported io DT
To edit the note on my Mac, I right-click and select Open In … Pages
On my iPad, I use the Share icon

Thanks! My problem is I have a lot of jpg and screenshots in Evernote. DT converts them to formatted notes when doing the Evernote Import. Not a problem on the Mac but DTTG displays them on a small scale making them unusable.