Document window vs think window vs viewer window

Trying to understand this line of code:

set selection of window 1 to selectedItems

I used it to re-apply a selection to the elements in the current window.

What kind of element or class is window? I searched the keyword window in DT dictionary and saw these entries:

My code above references window 1. Which entry in the dictionary is the keyword window in my example?

And where can I find an explanation that shows the difference between

  • document window
  • think window
  • viewer window
  • window is a generic term, found in the Standard Suite.

  • As noted in the dictionary, a think window is: A document or viewer window.

  • A document window is a window displaying a particular document, like when double-clicking a PDF.

  • A viewer window is known as a main window in everyday speak, i.e., the window containing the sidebars and inspectors.

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