Does 1Password 8 for Mac work in DevonThink?

With the upgrade to version 8, 1Password’s Autofill feature now uses macOS Accessibility functionality to autofill logins within apps. Does anyone know if it can now be used to autofill passwords for logins to web sites within the internal browser feature of DEVONthink for Mac?

Based on a quick test, I saved a bookmark to a password protected site into DEVONthink. It saved a “webloc” file. I displayed that page in DEVONthink and attempted a login. The login worked, but did not offer Key Chain or 1Password version of the id/password. I right mouse clicked on the DEVONthink presentation of the page and picked “Open Frame in Safari” and connection with 1Password worked fine.

Have you tried?

Probably needs some sort of “plug-in” or something. To be honest, as I can easily open the bookmark in Safari (or other browser) which has these 1Password connections, I’m ok with that. To make something available in 1Password and/or DEVONthink I don’t think is a priority.

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. Was that using the new version 8 of 1Password?
Just to be clear, when you say “the login worked” - how did the fields in the web page receive the username and password if not from iCloud Keychain or 1Password?
Also, did you have to load the webloc file in Safari to use 1Password - ie open it externally to DEVONthink? - when I right-click a webloc file I do not see an contextual menu item option to “Open Frame in Safari” only to Open with > Safari ???

Yes, 1Password 8. Fields in web page displayed in DEVONthink’s simple web browser did not present themselves. Makes sense as there is no connection between DEVONthink’s web browser and 1Password (that I know of).

The fields did present from 1Password when I “opened with Safari”, as expected.

I clicked on the representation of the web page to see the “open frame”. If right clicking on the webloc file name, it offers “open with Safari” as you saw. Double-clicking on the webloc file name opened my default browser (Safari) and worked with 1Password as expected.

Thanks again. One of the big changes in 1Password version 8 is that its Autofill feature is supposed to autofill logins within apps, not just in browsers that accept its extension or plugin. That would be the main reason I would upgrade, despite the fact that it no longer supports local vaults. Pity :frowning:

Have you found that 1P v8 autofills passwords inside any other apps that can contain webloc files (eg Scrivener) ?
Unfortunately, for me to try v8 would mean losing access to 1P vaults that I cannot transfer to the cloud for client contractual reasons, so it would mean dedicating a device to remain with v7, something I would not undertake unless I had a good reason.

I don’t have any apps that attempt to login to secured site, other than Chrome and Safari. So can’t say. Best to ask on the 1Password forum I would say. Maybe there is a setting somewhere to make 1Password 8 to do more than I’m using it for. Dunno, frankly.

Thanks for your thoughts.

There’s this „allow to auto-fill“ section in general preferences/passwords. Or maybe that exists only on iOS?

Don’t see it on macOS version. Not to say “not there” but not seen. :wink:

Right. That was on i*OS.

Sorry, chrillek, which app & version did you see that in, Devonthink or 1Password?

I was talking about the system preferences, on i*OS. So not, there’s no such thing on macOS (yet?).

Anyway, I guess that the 1password logic requires the safari/firefox/chrome extension to be installed into the browser. What you have in DT is not a browser but just a WebView, which does not use extensions (hopefully). So I doubt that you can use 1PW8 to fill in passwords in HTML pages you visit in DT.

It seems no extesions are allowed inside DT. I added Inoreader web page as a bookmark and then tried to log from it inside DT. I copied and pasted user/pass from 1password standalone application and it seems cookies and so remains inside DT even on DT restarts.

Whan I’m not sure is how many time cookies and status will remain inside DT.

It seems no extesions are allowed inside DT.

That is correct. Neither DEVONthink nor DEVONagent’s web view supports browser extensions at this time.


I think everyone is misunderstanding the request. This is absolutely possible using the new 1Password Autofill feature, but it doesn’t work as expected, unless I am doing something wrong.

To test it, I tried filling in a webpage login with 1Password 8 in the DEVONthink browser using the Command-Backslash shortcut. The first time you do this, you must search for the login you want. When selected, you get a popup asking if you want to fill this once or to remember it. When you select the latter, you can see in 1Password that entry gets a “Linked Apps” section with DEVONthink listed.

Once this is done, you can use Command Backslash to autofill… but it seems to fill every website with ONLY that login, not the one particular to the website you are viewing.


CGDaveMac is right. The new 1Password Autofill feature indeed lets you fill login information directly into apps that do not have browser extensions. For more info, see this page.

Unfortunately he’s also right that this feature backfires when used for different websites viewed within DEVONthink. I ran into the exact issue he describes above.

I think the envisioned usage scenario in the minds of the 1Password folk is (for example) for 1PW to fill your Zoom login info when logging into the Zoom app. Indeed this is the very example they give on their help page linked to above.

So basically, this “Universal Autofill” feature is tethered to a 1 app == 1 password mindset that will not work for those wishing to use it on >1 different website within the DEVONthink browser.

It’s possible that the 1PW team might be able to adjust this behavior. I have no idea. But I’ve grown weary of complaining about 1Password 8 on their forums, so will stay on the sidelines for this one. … Though if someone else posts about it, let us know; I’ll go add my +1 :wink:


My experience with 1Password’s command-\ has been hit or miss–seems to work best in apps that have login modals and not as well with apps that are embedded browsers (but I have at least one where it recognizes the right login, it just doesn’t fill it).