Does a Dropbox-synced indexed folder point to the path automatically?

I’m not even sure this is a question, but it’s a behavior I wasn’t expecting and want to make sure I understand…

I’ve got a synced database with an indexed folder. The folder is in Dropbox, and DT also syncs via Dropbox, between my work computer and my home computer. (The original indexing was done on my home computer.)

I see in the Help and documentation that, if I’m concerned about Devonthink using too much space, I can disable the option to “Synchronize contents of indexed items”. But it warns that the local Dropbox folder has to be in the same relative location. Mine is, but also I have plenty of storage so I haven’t touched that option and it remains checked.

What I haven’t been able to find in the documentation is an explanation of what happens if that box is checked - where does the synced indexed item live? And after I imported the synced database to my work computer, I was surprised to see that when I right-clicked on a synced indexed file and selected “Show in finder,” it brought me right to the correct Dropbox folder in my work computer’s directory structure.

I suppose what I am asking is this: if I index some Dropbox files on computer1, and sync that database to computer2, where do the indexed files in Devonthink point? When I use Devonthink to edit an indexed Dropbox text file on computer2, what exactly is it editing in the Finder?

Maybe this is all a misunderstanding on my part about how this all works! Just that I have two copies of DT on two macs, plus DTTG, plus I am on the verge of upgrading to the Server edition to let a research assistant access my files, so I figure I should have a better understanding of what’s going on under the hood.

DEVONthink uses files in the local database or in the local filesystem, meaning that the files always “live” on your computer in the expected location which can be checked v.a. Data > Show In Finder.

However, in case of indexed cloud folders it’s up to the cloud app to synchronize the files between computers to avoid race conditions (e.g. unnecessary duplicates) on the Mac.

Finally, if DEVONthink To Go is used, then the sync store’s Synchronize contents of indexed items should remain enabled.

Thank you!

To make sure I understand this point:

If the indexed folder is synced by Dropbox to both computers with the same relative path, and the database is synced by Devonthink to both computers, then on each computer the “Show in Finder” command will point to the local copy of the Dropbox files?

If Devonthink defers to Dropbox in that way, and “sync contents of indexed files” is on, then where are those contents synced so that DTTG can access them?

That’s right, at least on the Mac.

Via DEVONthink’s synchronization only.

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Thank you, that is very kind of you to make it work so smoothly.