Does a DT link survive GIT cloning?

This question needs a small intro, sorry to bore you: I have been using DT as a means to keep data sheets for electronic components (resistors, caps, microprocessors you name it). DT is fantastic to keep things organized and I can find what I need quickly. I use “Copy Item Link” to capture a link to a component’s datasheet which is copied to my schematic capture program. This allows me to quickly bring up data sheets from within the schematic capture software. I frequently work with either my portable or my iMac and the component database is replicated by DT between the two, the links work beautifully.

I would like to replicate my DT database by means of GIT cloning it so that our engineering dept can all use the same official data. If a GIT replicated copy of the DT database resides on another mac as well as a schematic with links, will these links bring up the appropriate data sheet? Additionally, can a colleague add new items in the DT database which are subsequently GIT cloned to all others - preserving his/her links?

I have no data on this but i would NOT use GIT cloning for this. The database should be shared via our Sync plugin to other Macs running DEVONthink.

I trust your knowledge - problem is, we’re all in remote locations. GIT would enable sharing as well as having a known/official data set with controls.

I suggest you use Dropbox, WebDAV or, CloudMe as a Sync location for remote sharring.