Does DevonThink cover the same function as hook for Mac?

I am just wondering with regards to the creation of hyperlinked documents, does devonthink or devon sphere helps with the same intention? How does it differ from hook productivity?

No, I don’t think the two pieces of software are usefully comparable. Whilst Hook is aimed squarely at interlinking things, supporting a large range of software along the way, DEVONthink is seriously powerful database software. DEVONthink allows you to collect and work with items in a database; the software helps you categorise data and provides for automating data manipulation; whilst it is possible to create links between items, this is only one small piece of the puzzle which is DEVONthink. I personally think that Hook beats DT purely for interlinking items; but Hook only covers that one single aspect of DEVONthink’s capabilities.

Here is CogSci Apps’ take on DEVONthink and Hook.