Does Devonthink offer free or low-cost upgrades to users who purchase a 3.9x version just before a 4.0 is released?

I’m interested in purchasing Devonthink, but the current version number is awfully close to 4.0. Is there a history of Devonthink offering free upgrades to new versions if they’re purchased within a certain timeframe of the new X.0 version being released? How far in advance are new releases typically advertised?

Welcome @Resolution

We do not advertise releases in advance, neither major nor point releases.

It is also well known that we are fair in our handling of upgrades. Purchases made within a reasonable amount if time before a major release are also considered.

PS: The version number is not indicative of nearness to a major release. Why wouldn’t you expect a 3.10, 3.11, etc.?


Hi Bluefrog,

Thanks for your response. Could please you give me some examples so I have a better understanding of how you’ve handled upgrades in the past?

Version numbers clearly don’t follow the decimal system in your mind which is good to know.

You’re welcome.
I am not in Sales, nor do I control or dictate any pricing policies. However, a free upgrade to the same edition may be available for purchases made in the past 6 months. So if someone purchased today, it’s possible – and again, not promising – they’d be eligible for a free upgrade if DEVONthink 4 came out in January of 2025.

But generally, these things, pricing and release dates, are not discussed in advance. People all too often interpret estimates as quotes and comments as promises. This leads to frustration and disappointment on both sides of the situation, something we always strive to avoid whenever possible.


I had a serious discussion with another developer (and friend) about version numbering. He thought (and did) that once reached 6.9.9, you must go to 7.0.0, and when I showed him our versioning, he went crazy because how that can be. My current main program (as complex as DT or more), is in 2.37.40, following major, added features, patch level sequence. and when we remove Oracle killing fleas with a cannon for SqLite, I will move to 3.38.0 and will start over minor. Currently I’m building dual versions, Oracle and SqLite until the last one leaves beta.


He should have a look at the version number of the :wink:


What’s the world coming to if this is what’s left to argue about! We’ve come a long way at eliminating inconsequential stuff! :wink:


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