Does Devonthink Pro not work with 10.4.5?

Suddenly today devonthink pro won’t work, saying that “you cannot use the application with this version of Mac OS X.” At the same time, my “about this mac” will no longer show me what version of OS X I’m running. I’m wondering if someone did an update on this computer without my knowing, perhaps updating to 10.4.5? Does that version not work with Devonthink Pro?

Thanks for any info.

No problem for me running 1.0.2 on 10.4.5. Sounds as though it’s an OS problem, however.

Good luck.


DT Pro runs without problems under 10.4.5. The strange behaviors you reported indicate problems with your OS or your disk directory.

Suggestion: Launch Disk Utilities. First, repair permissions on your boot disk. Next (if you are running 10.4.3 or later) run verify disk. If an error is reported after verify disk, insert your installation DVD, reboot and hold down Command-C to boot from the installation DVD. From the menu bar, launch Disk Utilities and run the disk repair procedure on your boot disk.