Does DT document window have tooltips?

Does the DT document view/editor window have tooltips? I am trying to teach my wife how to use this fancy DT tool as part of our (slow) migration from Evernote. I didn’t believe her at first, but she insists there are no tooltips when you hover over any of the little teeny icons on the document viewer. I confirmed using my copy that indeed this is true. E.g. there are no helps to understand the difference between T-in-a-box, T-in-a-dashed-box, dashed-box, solid-box, etc.

Is there a setting we’ve missed? I see that the top row of icons (next to the red/yellow/green window icons) do have tooltips. Why not on other parts of the UI?


There are actually many icons (e.g. in the toolbar, editing/navigation bar or to switch inspectors), a screenshot would be useful. Thanks!

What version of DEVONthink are you running?

DEVONthink Server Edition 3.7.2, which is the latest I think.

The next release will work around an issue of macOS breaking the tooltips of the editing/navigation bar.

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Thanks for the update, and working around macOS bugs. Any estimate for release of this next version?


Sorry but we don’t comment on development timeframes. However, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

I understand. Thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome.
Did you get the update to 3.8?

Actually no. Thanks for the prompting to check for updates. Indeed, 3.8 is available, downloading now…

Yep, tooltips working now! Very nice upgrade. Release notes took ~30 minutes to read. You all have been busy…

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Release notes took ~30 minutes to read. You all have been busy…

There’s always something to do in here. :slight_smile: