Does DT3 Uses Multiple Threads/Cores?

Assume that I have a large and growing set of DT3 databases which will continue to be a core function of my main workflow for for forseeable future, likely using considerable processing power.

What Mac configuration do you recommend as ideal?

If I purchase a machine with more CPU cores, can DT3 take advantage of that?

To what extent to more RAM vs faster CPU vs. SSD or HDD impact performance?

I would particularly be comparing potential configurations of the iMac Pro vs Mac Pro.

Many operations are performed in the background and use multiple cores. However, certain operations (e.g. see also & classify, concordance, searching or optimizing a database) don’t benefit from multiple cores.

If there’s not enough RAM, then virtual memory will slow down things a lot. Therefore enough RAM is definitely crucial. In the end it depends on the size of your databases and how many apps you use at the same time.

Adding to Criss’ comments:

  • An SSD will definitely be faster than a traditional drive, though you should still be observing proper primary local backups regardless of the type of drive you employ. However, you’d likely only notice the difference if you are moving from the spinning disk to the SSD.

  • Good database construction also helps.