Does DTPO play well with JavaScript?

Dear Power Users,

More and more I see the need to learn a scripting language that I can apply in several Apple/Web/Tech situations, especially as a potential heavy DT user– at least to the point I can start some scripting, and read others scripts as I copy and modify them when learning more and asking for help.

Now that OS X supports JavaScript in the Script Editor (and the Automator?), I started looking at it. Although not a coder, I find it “tighter” and more sensible than AppleScript, which I started to learn several times, but found it a bit “unruly” and not as well documented and easy to learn. (Then Apple dropped it, hum…, now it’s back, hum…). I hope to not be coding that much and don’t want to learn both.

With a much broader range of use, it seems best to learn JavaScript? (Or at least start there.)


Personally, if JS scratches your itch, go for it. However, as a veteran AppleScript I would strongly suggest any noob to go for AppleScript. It is very easily to learn and understand and don’t dismiss it. I have done things in AppleScript people said were impossible to do (and been paid very well to do it professionally. You don’t have a career with a language that is “unruly” or poorly documented 8) ).

JS is terse and not easily understood by the majority of people trying to learn their first language, so I point them at AS. Your choice.

PS: JS may be well documented. JXA (JavaScript for Automation) is not. In fact, Applescript is incredibly well-documented and mature and far easier to find help with.

Thanks again Jim!

I probably need to look at Applescript again, as a starter and because most of my needs are OS X anyway.

Any good online “academies” or visual “actually do it not just read about it” programs you recommend for noobs?


The best resource for AppleScript is the venerable . It is a longstanding community of Applescripters, from novice to guru. I can’t say enough good about it.

Also, our scripting Forum is a good resource for DEVONtech related scripting.

Great! I’ll it :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim,