Does DTTG 2.1.4 Action Menu Loose Options?

A question I have about the newest update. In DTTG 2.1.3 you could get to the Apple Action Menu in one click. But you also had a number of other options, like copying a url. etc., which are not present in the Apple Action Menu. (See jpgs below.)

With DTTG 2.1.4 you are taken directly to the Apple action Menu (before you had to select “Share” to get to the menu, so one extra and easy click).

But some of the other options in DTTG 2.1.3 appear to no longer be available. Is that correct, or am I missing something that provides the same functionality that the old share menu provided, like Capture, Open URL, Copy Page Link?

Here are the jpgs of 2.1.3, including the functions available before you move to the Apple Action Menu:

They should all be still there in the bottom row. Have you scrolled to the right and maybe tapped the More button to enable those you need (in case they’re disabled, for whatever reason)?

It does look like there’s been a fairly big shakeup of functions though…
The action menu now offers

  • “Copy Item Link” (which, with PDFs, actually captures the page link),
  • “Add To OmniFocus”
  • Print
  • Share using a smattering of Open In… choices (The top row that depends on what you have installed on your device)

There is, no longer

  • Open URL (this can be done exclusively from the Info pane for an item, as before)
  • Copy Item Link (this can be done by long-tapping the item in the sidebar. The action extension, despite the name, actually copies the page link)
  • Copy Link (this can be done in the item’s information pane, as before)
  • Capture

So it looks like everything that could be done before can still be done (other than Capture… but there’s still the "clip to DEVONThink action item), it’s just that these functions are no longer duplicated across several places.

I do question how they’ve rejiggered the Copy Item and Copy Page link actions. I think those should probably be side-by-side and labelled correctly. The “Copy Item Link” action needs to either actually copy the item link or be renamed to “Copy Page Link”.

In addition to re-naming these actions to appropriately reflect what they actually do, an option would be: put “Item Link” in the share sheet, and put “Page Link” in the little text-selection popover (the one with B, I, U, Highlight, Replace, Lookup, etc).

The share sheet crashes the entire app often in split-screen.

The crash on split screen will be fixed in 2.1.5. As for the other options: We haven’t removed any options but we had to rework the internal activation structure. Please open let us know for which types of documents you expect them to appear where they don’t and we’ll try to see where that happens.