Does encrypted DB stay encrypted in iCloud?

I think the answer is “yes”, but if I sync an encrypted database to iCloud, does it stay encrypted in the cloud when I open it, say, on the iPad? That is, the DB is only unlocked locally on my iPad, not unlocked in the Cloud.



It’s only necessary to specify an encryption key for the sync store, then it will always remain encrypted in the cloud. Locally it might be encrypted or not.

How do you specify an encryption key for the sync store?

See the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync section.

Thanks, I got it. It just wasn’t clear that I needed to click the “i” icon to set the password.

You’re welcome.

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Does this qualify as end to end encryption? By which I think I mean that only the user ever possesses the encryption/decryption key?

What about meta-data?

Yes, only the user has the encryption key.

And what about metadata?

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