Does not recognize large PDFs


After all and with many crashes of DTPO, not DTTG, I got my two most important databases to the iPad. Just to realize that DTTG seems not to be able to recognize large PDFs – or did they just not transfer correctly via WiFi?

An example: scanned PDF imported with OCR, gives 30 MB and is not read in DTTG.


This is a limitation of the web view that we use to display PDFs. It is the only simple way for displaying PDFs but it seems not suitable for large files. We are planning for writing our own PDF view for a 1.x release.

Thanks Eric for the reply,

but this is really bad news.


Is it also the case that the large PDFs won’t open in goodreader or stanza or anything? I’m finding many large ones simply are not recognized – One file (68MB on the mac), will not display in DTTG, with the message something like “This file cannot be displayed” and with no option to open it in another app. Another one, about the same size, DTTG tries to open but fails. I do get the chance to try goodreader, and then after a while Goodreader gives the message “unknown PDF error.”

I was quite excited that I could consolidate the files I had been keeping in Goodreader and Notebooks and be able to search all of them.
As it is I’m moving the files from notebooks – this search is so much faster, and I’m thrilled about that. I do wish I had done the import of the larger goodreader files into DT a bit more tentatively, and that I hadn’t deleted them from within goodreader. I’ll have to sort out what is working and what not, which sounds a bit tedious.


Goodreader works excellent. It cannot identify the large PDFs that I try to open from DTTG via “Open in…”, because, the same here as you write, it does not recognize their file format, which DTTG does not recognize in the first place.

For the time being it seems a better solution to forget about DTTG and export interesting files from DTPO to Goodreader. This program excels in every aspect: iTunes sync, stable WiFi sync, fast and usable interface, even notes possible now.