Does "See Also" look in OmniOutliner content?

Lately I’ve been trying to use “See Also” more. I use OmniOutliner for a lot of my documents. (I create them directly in DEVONthink via its new-from-template facility.) Looking at the See Also results, it is not entirely clear whether See Also is actually looking at the content inside my .ooutline documents (which are zip files containing XML files), or only basing is decisions on the titles of the documents.

Could someone from DEVONtech clarify whether DEVONthink is, in fact, “looking inside” (for lack of a better way of putting it) at the text content of .ooutline documents?

Yes, the contents of OmniOutliner files are indexed and useful for See Also.

You can see the document on the right is the second highest scoring file for See Also on the left.


I really love DEVONthink.

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We’re really fond of it too :slight_smile: