Does "Stricter recognition of duplicates" comes with any noticeable penalty?

Hi there, I just saw the preference “Stricter recognition of duplicates”. The loose marking of different items as duplicates has always annoyed me slightly.

So I’m keen to switch “Stricter recognition of duplicates” on. Does it come with any noticeable penalty?

The only difference is that you get fewer duplicates, it’s not slower.

Cool. THanks doe the reply.

Is some additional criteria used in this case? As opposed to just usual recognition of duplicates.

Yes, the size in bytes and the document’s type have to be identical too.

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Makes sense. I go for stricter detection. :slight_smile:

The less strict comparison has its own advantages, e.g. it marks converted documents (e.g. RTF to PDF) as duplicates as the text is identical.


Interesting Fact! Thanks!

Thank you. I was worried if the loose choice would pick similar files. As far as the text is identify, identifying more duplicates is great for me.