DOI help on DTTG, looking for ideas

Having moved all of my academic reading to DTTG from Zotero wondering if anyone had a solution for me.

I would like my DOI and metadata automatically updated. Currently I changed a mac to be always on, and when I tag it will run the script and move it to pending read file. This runs when I sync my iPad and a few minutes later it will appear on iPad.

While I know it isn’t possible on iOS DTTG, anyone have an app/workflow that wouldn’t require always on Mac. (My pdf are exported from BrowZine, and titles are anywhere from correct to random numbers). I tried highlights app which pulls metadata but just exports filename or title.

It will run what script?

The one on devonthink pro that pulls metadata from DOI. I use this to rename the pdfs based on DOI.

Since this isn’t available on DTTG I’m looking for a 3rd party app that may do this (on iOS/iPadOS I would send pdf from BrowZine->new app->new app pulls metadata or academic article and renamed->share to devonthink).

I use DTP (macos) and bookends (macos) together with DTTG. This is the best combination (for me) for academic papers reading and management and also for referencing… bookends does all the work with paper renaming, extracting abstract information from pubmed (or other academic servers etc). If you index the attachment folder in DTP, then you have all your pdfs also in DT. there are a lot of scripts out there to even more improve the connection between both apps, but I have not tried them out. I am looking forward that maybe one day sunnysoftware/bookends and devontech collaborate and integrate and update such scripts officially and describe them also in the manual, so that they can be used better by “normal” users like me…

Does bookends do this on iOS only. My whole goal is to not use DTP or a Mac. If I have to use a Mac DTP works well enough itself.

Given that automation is very limited on iOS (and probably not about to get better any time soon), your goal might not be an easy to a achieve one.

Not looking for automation, am ok with an app they does this. Multiple apps seem to pull metadata (mendeley, Zotero, bookends), I’m asking if any embed the metadata to the PDF essentially.

Is any of these apps even available on iOS? If so, its description should tell you if it can do what you want.

Aside: given the limitations of iOS, eg the lack of a filesystem proper, it will be hard to replace a desktop workflow with a mobile one. Even without automation.

All of the apps are available and pull all this info. Just on export they don’t have it embedded they use a database and store locally.

Trying to see if anyone else has a mobile only workflow. Apparently this isn’t the correct group to ask this since the reply just use DTP is what I explicitly said I’m looking to get away from. Other option is to just transition back to Zotero, which has made big strides on iOS for academic papers and live with its database.