Don't forget encrypted databases

For the past year, I’ve been using Cryptomator to house sensitive files/data, thinking this was the most efficient way to access on both my laptop and iPad.

Then one day last week I discovered we can actually create encrypted databases in DTPO.

Well, this was an absolute revelation, to say the least.

Anyway, just thought I would put a reminder out there to anyone potentially in a similar situation.

After all this time, I suppose I really need to read the manual. (That was for you, Jim, my friend. :smile: )


:heart: :smiling_face:

Much appreciated.

And your sync store, if used, can be encrypted as well. A non-encrypted one is not easy to interpret from itself, but encrypted could be almost impossible.

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Extending the praise from the original post, anyone who is concerned about privacy and security will be happy to know that everything can be encrypted with zero-knowledge encryption (only you have the password and access), DEVONthink doesn’t store your database content on its servers, and for the extremely security conscious you can even sync without going online (Bonjour).

In my opinion, the fact that multiple security options for just about any use-case are baked into the product as core features really make DT stand out from the rest of the consumer-facing apps on the market. If every app maker took security this seriously, I imagine consumers would suffer a lot less from the daily deluge of data leak / theft / corruption / hacking revelations.