Don't stop Renaming when new Items are imported

i’m scanning a lot of documents with ScanSnap - Single Pages
After that, these docs are send to DT Pro Office for OCR and Importing into the Inbox. This takes a while for each doc.

While the docs are imported into the inbox i’m starting to view the docs, rename them and move them to groups.

Problem is:

  • As soon as a new doc is OCRd and imported to the inbox, the Item-Editor is closed.
  • So if i’m currently editing the name of a doc and a new item is added to the list, i’m totally out of my workflow: The item-editor is closed, the item is sorted by name (for that what i’ve allready typed) and it is deselected (gray selection). So i: have to click that item again, set the cursor to the end of the name and type the rest of it.

This is very annoying and i hope you can change that soon :slight_smile:

If you decide not to set the attributes of the Searchable PDF, the import process should not take the focus away.

i do not set attributes (no additional dialog pops up).

The thing is:

  • there is the Inbox with a list of documents

  • You select a document

  • you press enter to be able to edit the name

  • now a new doc out of the processing queue is processed and added to the inbox

  • in just this moment, when the new item is added to the inbox-item-list, the “editor” of the item-name is closed.

This happens in the finder too. If you batch-export pictures out of Lightroom for example into a folder. If you go to this folder, select an item and try to rename it, it’s not possible to do so while new items are being added to this folder (the renaming process is cancelled or better: committed just in the moment a new item arrives to the folder)

That may be a problem of the List-Control but i’m sure, that a developer can change or improve this behaviour. Currently it’s not a good workflow if you scan a lot of docs and like to give them a meaningful name before moving them to groups etc.

There might have been a problem that I fixed yesterday, so the next release should do the right thing if you do not OCR items. If you do OCR and do not set attributes, the item will not be selected and should not hinder your workflow. If it does, it will be a bug (might be Apple, might be ours). In that case, please send an email to by referencing this forum thread. Thanks!

i do OCR (without setting attributes).
It may be the normal/default behaviour of the list-control - but if it is the case, you should think about alternative work-arounds.

an idea:

  • if user has an item selected in edit-mode (pressed enter on an item-name), then do not update the list where this item is in. Just add the items in the internal (memory-)list and wait for the user to end his editing. THEN refresh the list with the new items.

I will wait for an update and check it out. If this problem still exists i will mail you. maybe with a short screen-cast that shows the problem if you like :slight_smile:

This is a point well-taken.

I have this scenario happen to me all the time, and I often don’t OCR at entry time (I usually OCR overnight). When it does happen, like when I need documents OCRed immediately because I would rather copy than type long titles, this situation involves a lot of reclicking to reset the focus on the name of the file. Hopefully things will be smoother in the next release.