Don't understand DTPO_2 beta 8 and final version

I have buy DTPO_2 V7 end of November 2009.
Today I start the app and a message come that the app is expired.
I must upgrade to V8.
Is that correct ?

Is the old valid licence code the same and can I upgrade directly without problems ?
Or must I order a new licence code after upgrade ?


If you have purchased a DTPO 2 license, it will be good for all betas and the released version. The betas have all had an expiration date just because they are betas and the DT team wants users on the latest version available. Download the pb 8 and you will be up to date.

I have install V8.
Today it was a little difficult, I hope I have not a Y2.01K bug.
First I would install as normal user, I have access to admin rights.
No installation.
Then as admin.
Then no access to www ;-(
Then wrong date and time on Mac ;-(

Then I quit all apps and shut down the Mac.

Later I start direct as admin and now V8 works well.