Double Click to open .rtf in DT editor behaviour

When I have 2 DT windows open and in both windows have the same .rtf file selected, I can’t open it in the DT editor. Neither by doubleclicking, by cmd+O, by menu>data>open or by right-click>open. When I select another file in one DT window I can again open the file.

Is this meant this way, or should the file open in DT editor when I give the open-command?

DEVONthink avoids additional windows if an item is already opened currently.

OK, so it regards the file selected in a DT window as opened? So intended behaviour?

Yes, it’s currently intended.

Tx for the quick response. It took me some puzzeling to find out under which exact conditions it occured, but knowing now it’s easy enough to work around it. Not a big thing.