Double-entries when taking plain note in Firefox (-Services)


I’m testing out DTPro 2.06 and thinking about buying in (currently on Mac OSX 10.5.8 ), but I’m having a strange problem.

I’ve been testing the “take plain note” service function in Firefox (3.6.7). It seems to work just fine if I click through the services menu.

But, if I select some text, hit “command-shift-9” as the hot key indicates, then I get TWO copies of the text show up in the global inbox. I’m not holding down the keys oddly or anything; even with a ridiculously quick tap on the 9, I still get two copies.

Any ideas on why this is happening? It hardly saves me the clicking time if I have to go to the inbox and delete all the duplicates later.


Interesting. I never use Firefox when I’m doing Web captures, because I often want to make rich text captures and Firefox can’t do that.

But I noticed a glitch when making a plain text capture in Firefox. The HUD to select destination of the note comes up a second time after the note has already been entered. Adding the note a second time will indeed result in two copies of the note. I didn’t see this glitch in DEVONagent or Safari.

So for the time being, click “OK” only once after selecting the new note’s destination. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply (on a Sunday after New Year’s, no less!).

My glitch is a bit different from the one you report, because I don’t have any chance to click “ok” after I use the keyboard shortcut. The item(x2) arrives in the Global Inbox without any chance to accept or choose an alternate location. Maybe I have a preference set up differently?

In any case, it sounds like there is better functionality for DTP if I use Safari, so maybe I’ll try that for a bit.


See the options setting the default destination for new content added by Services and scripts at Preferences > Import - Destination.

I usually have the “select group” option checked, so that the HUD allows a choice among any group in any open database.

Unfortunately this is either a bug of Carbon services and/or Firefox because DEVONthink’s service support is called twice in this case.