Double Sided Scanning with single sided scanner


I am trying Devonthink Pro Office at the moment to see the scanning differences with Devonthink Pro.

One of the things I am looking for is a way to combine odd and even pages of a scan with a single sided scanner in Devonthink. I know you can try to move each page in a stack manually after merging the odd and even pages, but that is a painstaking process.

I read somewhere that Devonthink Pro Office could combine these odd and even pages for the user. Can someone confirm if this is true and if so, how I can do this?



Yes it is possible to combine odd, even pages. To do this:

  • Select the menu File->Import->From Scanner or Camera.
  • Select “Documents” in the left hand list and press the button on the bottom right toolbar to add a document.
  • Select your scanner from the devices list.
  • On the top right hand side of the widow select the document you just create from the options in the “To:” list.
  • Scan all your even pages, then your odd pages.
  • Select the document in the left hand list.
  • On the bottom toolbar there is a Sort button, press this and select “Shuffle Odd/Even Pages”
  • Check the Starting Odd and Even pages numbers will the page numbers in the document, and press Start.
    The pages will be ordered correctly.