doubleclicking a file


I’ld like to change the behavior of DTPO when doubleclicking a file. I’ld like to open filename.tex files when double clicking directly in TeXShop.

How to do that?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

Not possible-you’ll need to a) put the ‘Open Externally’ icon in the toolbar and click that, or b) select the document and then command-shift-o to open the document in the default app, or c) right-click on the document and select ‘Open With’ to select any of the apps that are associated with the document type.

Greg is correct.

In addition, if the parent application of a filetype has been defined in the Finder, you can select a document, then press the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-O to open it externally under that application.

Isn’t that step b? :smiley:

Hi, Greg. Yes, it’s the same action as your b). For some reason, I skipped from your a) to your c) when reading. :slight_smile: