Download a bunch of files from URLs?

I regulary need to download some files from URLs.

I normally do this manually in the webbrowser and then share them to DEVONthink.

I was wondering, if DT offers something to do this itself?!?

Any idea?

Please clarify: Do you mean that you load the files the URLs are pointing to or are the URLs pointing to documents that themselves contain URLs of other documents.

Did you have a look at the Download Manager?

The URLs are of files, the file types CSV, XLSX or similar.

Download Manager is another product of DevonTechnologies, right?

I can download the files easily with wget, so don’t need another product.

But it would be great, to do the whole step incl. tagging directly within DT.

It’s part of DT.

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put “Download Manager” into Help dialog box in DEVONthink.

wget also works well, as you say. use it if you want.

Thanks, @chrillek and @rmschne

I will check this out in the evening!

Now …
I only get some registration window, so it seems to be separate.

I clicked on Account even as this was greyed-out and some website opened .
As I had no idea what this may be, I tried the Remove button instead and it instantly remove the entry of mine that was visible before.

So it seems that I removed something - I have no idea what and how to add it again. Great.

I noticed that there was a star sign in front of Download Manager in the menu.
Now, this star is gone.

This software could be a bit more verbose about what’s going on :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I managed to find my license and re-entered it.

But the star is still gone from the menu and clicking on Download Manager only opens with registration window again.

Any idea what this could mean, @chrillek and @rmschne ?

The Download Manager is a feature of the Pro and Server editions of DEVONthink. It is not available in the Standard edition.
Are you running Standard?

Yes :sweat_smile:

OK, so for me, it is another product.


You’re welcome.