Download all RSS items from feed (not just recent ones)

Hi all,

In Devonthink Pro Office, is there a way to fetch all the items available in a RSS feed?

For example I just added this feed:

Devonthink downloaded the two most recent items. However, the feed goes all the way back to 2016 and I would like to get these old items.

Any ideas? If not in DTP, is there a format in which I can save the page that will be correctly parsed by DTP?

Thanks a lot

We have no control over RSS feeds. It is very common for them to only allow downloading the most recent 10, 20, and sometimes (but rarely, in my experience) 50 entries. This is entirely dependent on the publisher of the feed.

Is there a way to bulk download multiple linked articles on a webpage? For example, here is a blog that I’ve added to my RSS feed for the future, but which also has a archive in one place with every previous article. I’d love to download all those previous items as web archives.